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A strong support system starts with a connected community. At Mason Enterprise, that’s exactly what we’ve built over 20 years: a community of entrepreneurs, small business owners, investors, technical experts, and leaders. Then we empower them to succeed. Learn more about the dynamic services we provide below.

Coworking Space

Incubators and Co-working Spaces

With a focus on entrepreneurship and business management, we create a supportive and collaborative environment for business owners where new ideas can flourish. Client benefits include preference for intern and class project placement, access to group health insurance and payroll support, workshops, investor events, and more.

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Advisory Services

Knowledge is power when growing a business, and our experts provide resources, advice, and guidance to business owners so they can achieve their goals. From industry events and conferences, to one-on-one business consulting, and more — we have the resources you’re looking for.

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Advisory service workshop being lead by Mason Enterprise personnel

Technology Transfer group at conference

Commercialization and Licensing

Need help with understanding how to use your research to impact society through licensing or start-up? We provide counseling and workshops that support and facilitate the successful commercialization of innovations and inventions. If you’re ready to move from the discovery phase of your business plan to commercialization and licensing, we can help you take that next step forward.

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Education and Training

When building or growing a business, education and training is ongoing. Customer expectations are always evolving; business best practices and funding are constantly in flux; markets change and industries grow. One thing you can rely on in the business world is that there is always something new to learn. With training offered on a variety of essential business topics, we’ll help you keep up-to-date on the latest information critical to your business.

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Mason Enterprise workshop

Ground of funding professionals speak at industry event


Entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand the strategies behind funding tools and how to access them. Not only do new business owners have to consider start-up costs and profitability but also the cost and process of securing funds. We guide entrepreneurs and business owners to their next funding source, and help educate them on how and when to secure debt, equity, or grant funding.

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Our strong programs and valued partners allow us to offer these important services.

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